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Brief History of the Winter & Summer Games

The Winter & Summer Games that we enjoy so much today actually trace back over a couple thousand years, and have a deep and rich history. Legends actually trace the Winter & Summer Games to about 776 BC, although there are many differing opinions about when the Games actually began. Early on, the Winter & Summer Games were actually more than just a time to show off physical prowess, but they were also a time when the people of Greece gave a variety of sacrifices to their mythical gods, including the god Zeus. As the Winter & Summer Games began to grow and there were many more games added to be played, the time period of the games lengthened as well, and soon became an event that lasted for four consecutive days.
For awhile, when the Romans came to power and Christianity deemed the games to be sacrilegious, the games almost came to a stop, but in the 1800's there began to be a revival of the Winter & Summer Games. It was actually in Paris, in 1894 that it was finally decided that the Winter & Summer Games would officially begin to take place again, with them starting out in the place of their original origin - Athens. In 1896, the first games took place and was then the largest sporting event ever held on an international level. With almost 250 athletes participating in these games, they quickly became popular around the world, and it was decided that the games would be held again, four years later, as the traditional games had been held. The second games were then held four years later in Paris, France, and became even more popular.
Today the Winter & Summer Games have become one of the biggest sporting highlights across the world, with 203 countries participating in the games. These games bring the people of various countries together in a way that nothing else has been able to do, with even more countries participating in the Games than in the United Nations. Today the Winter & Summer Games are going strong and a record turnout is predicted for the 2008 Winter & Summer Games.

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